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Clean Virtual Power

Micronoc CVP

As the US utility companies are quickly adopting  Demand Response and Time Variable Pricing Programs for their customer bases as our electricity demand is ever growing higher.  In California, where Micronoc is based, we have moved to a mandatory Time-Of-Use pricing tiers.  In 2024 alone, residents will see an average of 13% price increase in their utility bills.  California is one of the nation's leaders in implementing solar solutions over the last 3 decades. However, California is learned that our demand for renewable energy like solar is when the sun is waning from late afternoon into the evening.  Basically when we get home from work and crank on the air conditioning  during a hot summer night.  That is why power outages are so prevalent within the past 5 years.  Our 100+ year old electrical infrastructure can't keep up to today's needs.  Solar is still the best renewable regeneration source we can invest within our immediate community, but adding Energy Storage will allow us to help balance the electrical grid and generate for us the most savings during the highest demand periods.  Learn more about how a Micronoc CVP can customize an energy solution to help drive your utility costs down and help provide a more balanced electrical grid for our future.

Stacks of Coins

Power Service Agreement

With a minimal $5000 down, your commercial building will be able to generate 25% electricity bill savings.  Typical Return On Investment is only 2 months of operation.

Solar Panels in Mountains

Tax Incentives

For customers that would like to reap the full savings potential up to 40% utility bill savings, purchasing the equipment is necessary.  However the Federal IRA can help subsidize up to 30% the initial cost of the equipment. 

Electric Car Charger

EV Fast Charging

Every CVP project will include 4 DC Fast charging ports.  Give the ability for your business and community to strengthen our highly demanded EV Fast Charging Network.  CVP Ultimate has the capability to run 10 charging ports at once.

CVP Features

Customized for optimal savings


Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

CVP Ultimate reduces your kWh fossil fuel consumption from electricity grid especially during the highest peak hours.  When the grid is stressed, utility companies will turn on highly inefficient fossil fuel guzzling peak power plants to prevent black or brown outs.


Interconnection + Compliance

CVP Ultimate has full utility and regulatory compliances allowing quick deployment of your system without the need of costly infrastructure upgrades like your transformer. Without CVP, timely and costly infrastructure upgrades are needed especially with EV Fast Charging capabilities


Patented P-O-C Technology

Point-Of-Control (POC) is the brain of the operations.  The POC controls the distribution, aggregation, and grid interconnection.  It will constantly calculate how the whole CVP system operates with the Grid to generate the the greatest savings for the customer 


Project Details

  • 20' ESS Container or 3-4 Outdoor ESS Cabinets

  • 2 EV Fast Charging Stations

  • EV Lv. 2 chargers also available

  • Solar Photovoltaic 

  • $5000 Registration fee with Power Service Agreement (PSA) with an average of 2 month ROI

  • Additional Tax Incentives for Equipment Purchasing

DC Fast Charging

Since CVP already incorporates a DC battery in their system, Micronoc can seamlessly add Level 3 charging capabilities for your property.  Whether you have an EV fleet for your company that requires quick charging or want to provide charging services for your customers, Micronoc can help using their CVP system to speed up interconnection and fast track utility implementation. 

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