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Micronoc CEP30

90 Minute Emergency Operation

The ONLY NEC 700 Compliant and UL924 Certified Emergency Power System Using Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System Technology (ESS)

Fulfills Standby and Backup Requirements

Emergency Power

Some equipment is critical to our safety in times of emergency especially when the power goes out. Elevators are one such example that is constantly overlooked as a necessity as a form of egress in times where evacuation is necessary.  Having a fully operational elevator would allow the current elevator occupants a way down and not stuck, as well as go back up to allow our elderly and disabled a way down who can't independently take the stairs.  This would also allow first responders to bring heavy equipment and themselves to upper floors for a quicker response.

While this system is was originally engineered for elevators in mind, the scalable Micronoc CEP system can power an engineered critical load for 90 minutes.  With UL924 certification and NEC 700 compliance, the CEP system is easy to integrate into your building and can qualify for tax incentives for your whole project.  Applications like Data Centers require 24/7 continuous power even if the electrical grid has a blackout.  For a system catered to your needs, we just need a list of load requirements and a single line diagram (SLD) for the loads.

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CEP or Generator

Power Delivery

CEP's EMS (Energy Management System) gives instantaneous energy to critical loads and automatically keeps the battery health and capacity at optimal levels.

Generators take a longer time to get up and running requiring a larger UPS battery system in between the generator and the critical loads.

Climate Health

Clean Emission free operation By using Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Technology, CEP will be available to cut carbon emissions during blackouts and emergency power outages.  Also qualifies for Clean Energy Tax Incentives

Besides the emissions Diesel and Natural Gas spews out contributing to climate warming, generators also cause harm to local communities and their air quality.  Gas reserves must also be cycled out on a regular schedule causing unnecessary emissions


Batteries require much less maintenance. A certified technician coordinates with Micronoc to verify the health of the unit and replace filtration on a quarterly basis. No refueling or grease or mechanical parts to tune and clean up.

Generator maintenance requires more frequency and cost. Like maintaining a car, the motor and fuel system must be regularly serviced, fuel cycled, and parts replaced. The labor and parts costs can add up quickly over the lifespan of the generator. While a battery does dissapate it's energy slowly overtime, the CEP management system will automatically keep the battery full using the grid.


UL924 certified NEC700 Code Compliant Micronoc's in-house PE designed the CEP system to comply to strictest of Emergency power requirements. UL924 is not just for emergency lighting. However, it's very hard to get a product certified. This makes it much easier to permit and plan with your architect. NEC Article 700 involves the design of electrical emergency power system. With purchase, our LIcensed PE will help engineer a system for your building's critical needs and will provide a list of the neccessary supplemental parts.

Generators are just a part of the backup system. To meet emergency building and electrical codes, a licensed engineer will have to design a system that complies with the requirements. The CEP system can also work in conjunction with generators with loads extending beyond the 90 minute requirements. Because the CEP system has a bidirectional inverter, it can be charged by alternate power sources extending the critical load operation.

Bi - Directional

Simultaneous Bi-directional Charging and Discharging While the system's main purpose is to power your emergency load, CEP is also able to capture regenerative power like a traction elevator and recharge the battery. Also, the battery can be charged in conjuction with Micronoc's CVP Solar Panels extending the operating time to critical loads

Power only goes out with generators. UPS systems cannot absorb regeneration power. Someone will also have to monitor the fuel levels. If it's a diesel generator, emptying the tank is dangerous for the longevity of the generator motor. If there is an existing generator in place, CEP can act as a buffer to provide stable electricity to your critical load and the generator can charge the CEP during extended power outages capable of giving 24/7 power delivery

Micronoc CEP30

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Low Maintenance 

Self Rechargeable Battery System,

No UPS & Generator Needed

Fast AHJ Approval, UL924 Certified

NEC 700 Compliant

10-year Warranty 

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